“No Such Thing as a Straight Photograph”: Computational Photography Pioneer

Computational photography pioneer Marc Levoy argues “straight photography,” an idea popularized by Ansel Adams, is a myth.

Levoy, an Adobe VP and Fellow, was recently elected to the National Academy of Engineering and was recognized for his work in computer graphics and digital/computational photography. In a recent interview with Adobe, Levoy was asked for his thoughts on the photography industry and one major aspect of it stood out: his argument that the concept of straight photography does not actually exist.

The Concept of Straight Photography

The term “straight photography,” sometimes referred to as “pure photography,” refers to the practice of depicting a scene in sharp focus and detail with a camera, which is in contrast to other methods of recording a scene like painting. Though found in use as early as 1904, the term became popularized by Alfred Stieglitz as a more “pure” form of photography than Pictorialism, another popular method of taking photos.

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Detroit Images 2/27/2022

Sunrise Campus Martius DJI_0691

Sunrise Detroit Ren Cen DJI_0689

Belle Isle Bridge and Ice Flow IMG_4534

Frozen Belle Isle Bridge and Downtown Detroit IMG_4554

Detroit Gran Central Station New Windows DJI_0707

Ice Flow Detroit IMG_4516

Slo’s BBQ IMG_4492

Mercury Bar Corktown Detroit IMG_4483

American Coney Bench IMG_4509

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Photographers Have Always Deceived People. You Probably Have, Too. So What?

Photographers Have Always Deceived People. You Probably Have, Too. So What?

For as long as photography has existed, the art of deception has been front and center of the craft. You change photos, I change photos, we all change photos. Who cares, as long as the viewer is happy?

When new cameras are released, the news cycle revolves around a seemingly infinite number of reviews from ambassadors, YouTubers, influencers, and early adopters. The buzz around this year’s Canon EOS R5 release was crazy, particularly considering we’re in the middle of this century’s worst global health crisis. That buzz has since abated somewhat and been replaced in the last few weeks by the debate surrounding AI software developments and releases, particularly by Adobe with regards to sky replacements and facial-editing capabilities. Is it photography, is it art, is its digital photography, is it somewhere in-between, is it something else altogether? Opinions have been coming at a breakneck speed from all parts of the spectrum.  more …