The Difference Between Matte and Glossy Finish (with Infographic)

Do your clients often ask you to recommend the type of finish that best suits their print job? While there are certainly plenty of finishing options to choose from for any given paper print product, sometimes having more options can make the decision  harder.

To narrow down the options, you can begin by asking whether your client wants a matte look or a glossy finish. Once your client decides which style they are looking to acheive, you can then present them different specialty finishes. Here is a guide on when to choose matte or glossy.

Matte Finish

Matte finishes do not reflect light, and therefore do not have a lot of shine. This finish is silky and smooth to the touch. At SinaLite, we offer two different types of matte finishing:

Our Standard Matte

– One of our most popular options.
– Created by printing ink onto coated stock.
– No finish is applied after printing. The ink that sits on top of the paper usually provides a light sheen.
– Usually the most cost-effective option.

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