Shooting from Orange Beach to Mobile Alabama and all through Alabama to capture stunning photographs.

My talent is to bring my customers those moments we all share walking through the business district of a small town, spending quiet time at the beach or taking in the beautiful natural scenery around us. Each of us has had the experience where a perfect mix of perspective, color and light stun our senses and we see something much more than just the buildings or landscapes in front of us. I use my love of and experience in Mobile and throughout Alabama to give my clients such moments captured perfectly in art.

I’ve spent over 40 years working in commercial photography, and I still offer my services to companies looking for an experienced commercial photographer. Mostly these days I take photographs capturing the mix of small and big town essence that makes Mobile such a special place. Beyond Mobile, I love to capture the ships, boatyards and natural beauty which line our many miles of beaches and riverbanks.

I am currently showing at the Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile, the GCAA in Gulf Shores, and the Coastal Art Center of Orange Beach.  I also regularly show at the Farmers Market on Saturday afternoons at the Market at the Park in Mobile Alabama.

I have multiple magazine and newsletter covers and articles to my credit. I am also a published photographer in the book The Spirit of Fairhope.

Thank you

Michael Thomas
Micdesigns, LLC